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Afghan man and soldier talk

New tactic aims to create ‘model' Afghan villages

Canada's reconstruction mission in southern Afghanistan will soon launch a new bid to win over locals, one village at a time

Taliban prepare for U.S. surge

Militants in Afghanistan say plans for Obama's new troops include more IED, suicide bombers and assassinations

Ottawa mulls role in Afghanistan past 2011

During visit to Kandahar, MacKay says there are several roles Canada could play in future, including delivering aid

Afghan sex-abuse allegations unfounded: military police

Report says initial allegations made by returning soldiers and the pastors who counselled them contained 'serious discrepancies'

Obama ousts top U.S. general in Afghanistan

New commander with checkered past asked to bring ‘new approach' to fight against Taliban

Audio Q&A


The life of a foreign correspondent

The Globe's Graeme Smith talks with readers and Ben Peterson of Journalists for Human Rights

Witness: Kandahar

Colin Freeze

In-flight reading: Canada's counter-insurgency manual

Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie's treatise is a page-turner

Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf

Western feminist leadership is over

The Afghan version of feminism should be profound for all women.


More News 

Poor flee Pakistan's assault on Taliban

Locals direct their anger toward the army as homes damaged, villages flattened in bid to rout militants from Buner district

Karzai registers for re-election

Embattled leader names current vice president Karim Khalili and former vice president Mohammad Qasim Fahim as his two running mates.

Captured Afghanistan outpost torn down

Hard-won ground given up in change of priorities in Afghanistan

Red Cross says dozens died in Afghan air strikes

Joint U.S.-Afghan investigation launched; Taliban accused of using civilians as human shields

Taliban flaunt power in Pakistan's Swat Valley

'They have committed so many atrocities that they can't give up power, they would not be safe.'

Taliban threatens spring offensive

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he'll temporarily send 700 extra troops to Afghanistan to boost security for August elections

Pakistan still conflicted over battling Taliban

Country is acting under intense U.S. pressure to take a tougher line against Islamist militants expanding from strongholds along the Afghan border

The fallen 

Female intelligence specialist found dead

Female intelligence specialist found dead

600 pack church to honour Trooper Karine Blais

Funeral for soldier killed by IED takes place just hours after news of another Canadian death in Afghanistan.

Canada's top soldier apologizes for repatriation delay

Apology comes after military decided that plane carrying body of latest slain soldier would stop in Ottawa first

Body of Trooper Blais returns to Canada

A military aircraft carrying the remains of 21-year-old soldier landed at CFB Trenton Thursday afternoon

Grief-stricken relative questions Afghan mission

Trooper Karine Blais' death left a small Quebec town grieving and a distressed uncle saying she died in vain

The Afghan reality 

Didn't read new rape law, Karzai admits

Afghan President says he will amend controversial legislation to conform to human-rights standards

Female political junkies find voice online

Nazia Jaan has many hurdles to jump before she can achieve her dream of becoming president.

The 'Obama of Afghanistan'

Candidates emulate the American's Internet strategies to reach out to young voters

Women in the field: What it's like to work in Afghanistan

Globe correspondents reflect on their experiences

Plight of Afghan women prompts fresh debate

Controversial rape law exposes debate in Canada over whether mission has helped bring about equality

Detainee abuse 

Afghan police unaware of basic rights laws

Critics question whether Canada and NATO are properly mentoring army, police and law-enforcement officials

Court denies Ottawa bid to thwart hearings

Judge derides government's request to stop public probe into allegations Canada put prisoners at risk of torture

Probe: Military police faulted on detainees

But clears MPs of beating, withholding care, or covering up the injuries on an Afghan prisoner

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